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Dealing with complexity

The things we are producing at the moment, our products and services, are distinguished by the increasing dependence they have on knowledge and for their increasing, not to say overwhelming, complexity. For this reason many people believe that there is no possibility that effective and viable organizations might become the norm. Yet this is precisely the prospect that is offered by the work of Stafford Beer.

His books are in many ways masterpieces. Stafford Beer demands something from his readers and he does so not because of the amount of information he supplies but because of how relevant it is! He was a brilliant writer. Some of his books he put into a form different from the usual one because that was the best way of presenting what he had to say.

The first thing the author confronts his reader with is complexity. As he reads, it becomes apparent how very much the sort of thinking about organizations and their management that is still normal even today has created convenient escape routes that follow a dependable course leading to ever more serious problems. What Beer demands from his readers is that they recognize how clear and obvious the questions and answers relating to effective organization are. It is something that cannot be ignored after reading his books.
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