The Cwarel Isaf Institute was founded to make the life's work of Stafford Beer available to society. Stafford Beer's thinking and the avenues he opened to solutions are of fundamental importance to management in complex systems. For the benefit of organizations now and in the future, the aim is for his work to be put into a form in which it is understandable and geared to practical application, and for it to be passed on both to those actually engaged in management and those who are studying it.

Founded: 14-01-2000

Prof. Dr. Stafford Beer
The inaugurator of management cybernetics
Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik
President of the Board of Directors of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen AG and its subsidiaries

Cwarel Isaf, Pont Creuddyn, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, Ceredigion, Wales, UK

The professional careers they followed meant that Stafford Beer and Fredmund Malik can draw on a rare blend of science, cybernetics and practical experience gained as managers and consultants and, in Fredmund Malik's case, as an entrepreneur as well. This unique combination was the increasingly firm bond that united them in the work they began to do together as partners in the mid-seventies.

In his doctoral thesis, which was published in 1975, Fredmund Malik was already building on the work of Stafford Beer. Then, in his post-doctoral thesis entitled "Strategie des Managements komplexer Systeme" [Strategy for the management of complex systems] (1st ed. 1978, 7th ed. 2002), Stafford Beer's management cybernetics occupied a position of central importance, prominence being accorded to the "Viable System Model".

At the Management Zentrum St. Gallen and in its subsidiaries and the other companies belonging to the Malik Management Institute, Stafford Beer's theory and his methods are being passed on to the customers of these organizations in the form of training and consultancy advice. Also, team syntegrations are being conducted.

To be able to make even better use of this unique background and framework for the benefit of the science and practice of management cybernetics, Stafford Beer and Fredmund Malik founded the Cwarel Isaf Institute to serve as a shared base.

You will find a detailed account of the association between Stafford Beer and Fredmund Malik in the illustrated narrative entitled Management cybernetics and St. Gallen, which is available as a PDF file to download and save (about 20 pages including photos and graphics). The latest news on the Cwarel Isaf Institute you will find under "News".
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