The specialized vocabulary used in cybernetics is abstract. This is the only way of enabling the science in question to be applied in all the different disciplines. This in itself makes it necessary for there to be a specific, shared language. The two most important foundations of cybernetics are mathematics and modern-day physics. This, too, is something that, for many people, does not exactly make the subject easier. What is more, it usually takes many centuries for revolutionary innovations to gain acceptance and be correctly understood. As a result, there are often misinterpretations, misconceptions and errors. On this page, we direct you to articles that will make things clearer for you.


  Fredmund Malik
Management-Kybernetik: Irrtümer und Missverständnisse

St. Gallen, 2001


Fredmund Malik
Systemisches Denken –Systemisches Management

St.Gallen, 1998