The cyberneticist

Fredmund Malik was born in Lustenau, in Vorarlberg in Austria.
He has lived and worked in St. Gallen in Switzerland since 1976.

Providing help for the management practitioner

The systemic link there is between the existing theories, concepts, methods and models that he has selected and developed for his general theory of management and those of his own for which he has done the same is based on cybernetic principles. Cybernetics has formed the scientific and practical basis for Fredmund Malik's endeavors, from the thesis he wrote for his first degree to his post-doctoral degree, his seminars, his consultancy projects and his management of companies. He builds on the existing, highly sophisticated foundations laid down by the pioneers of cybernetics. His work is focused above all on making this teaching intelligible and on developing methods that provide the management practitioner with practical and user-friendly assistance in managing complex systems.

The career of Fredmund Malik was the result of a series of "chance incidents", which began in 1964 with his reading of a book by Peter Drucker. You will find a detailed account of his career in the PDF file Malik - the cyberneticist.

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