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A theory of management must be as soundly based
as the science of medicine

More than 250 publications by Fredmund Malik have appeared so far, including nine books, most of which have run into many editions. For years now, he has been addressing a wide readership in the regular columns he writes for newspapers and magazines, including, amongst others, "Trend", "Cash", "Basler Zeitung", "Handelsblatt", "Die Welt" and "Junior Consult". Since 1993 he has been issuing his monthly Letter known as "Malik on Management". An increasing number of translations into English, Finnish, Spanish, Russian and Chinese indicate the international character of his thinking.

What is distinctive about the books of Fredmund Malik is the unusually wide practical and scientific background that they reveal. He adheres strictly to his scientific rules but at the same time is consistent in ensuring that the claims he makes for practical applicability can be met. He has no time for charlatanism, exploitation, mystification, phoniness, botched work or collective delusions. Society's reliance on management is regarded by Fredmund Malik as similar to its reliance on sound medical science: it is a molding and directing force in social systems that has far-reaching effects on the personal and private life of the individual.
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