Seeing what's happening at a glance

General Cybernetic Modeling is the method that makes the effects of countless different factors detectable and visible at a glance. By using the principles of cybernetics, it is, for example, possible to map what intentions and measures are supposed to produce, or actually produce, what modes of operation and chains of effects. The graphic below is intended to illustrate this by reference to a process. The process is shown here in a very simple form but would take considerably more words to describe if a report had to be drawn up on it.

What is the system doing?
The basic principle of this method is for the end of a process to be taken back again to its beginning. It describes, from the cybernetic point of view, what the individual parts of the system are doing in response to what impetuses. Erroneous developments can be clearly detected in this way, the structure of sub-systems that actually exists can be changed into an effective one, or, for example, it can be shown what it is that might or will frustrate attempts at improvement.


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