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    St. Gallen, 3. Dezember 2008:
  Cwarel Isaf Poem by David Whittaker
    St. Gallen, 18. March 2008
  Conference of leading international Management Cyberneticians at the malik management zentrum st. gallen

From 24th to the 26th of march worldwide leading heads of managerial cybernetics meet at the malik management zentrum st. gallen, Switzerland, for the first “Cwarel Isaf Conference – Worldwide Reunion of Leading Management Cyberneticians”.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss the latest state of the art in cybernetic management practices, tools and methods. The malik management zentrum st. gallen with its 250 employees represents the largest group of management consultants and educators which are experts in this approach. With their daily work they contribute to keep the heritage of the St. Gallen Management approach in practice alive. The Conference is named after Prof. Dr. Stafford Beers Cottage in wales. Beer was the founder of management cybernetics and died in 2002.


    St. Gallen, 9. January 2006:
  Completion of the renovation works at the Cwarel Isaf Cottage
    Cwarel Isaf, a remote place in the West of Wales, was Stafford Beer’s home, refuge and working place for almost 30 years. Many of his most important scientific contributions to management cybernetics emerged here. It was certainly also the place, where many of his students, admirers and latter friends met him for the first time – as also Prof. Fredmund Malik. 25 years later, this place gave the name for the foundation, which Prof. Stafford Beer and Prof. Fredmund Malik founded for the promotion and distribution of Management Cybernetics, the Cwarel Isaf Institute.
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    St. Gallen, 7 November 2005:
  Russian edition of 'Brain of the Firm' now available

Moscow-based publisher URSS has released a translation of 'Brain of the Firm'. Translations of the English original are also available in German, French, Italian, Swedish and now in Russian as well. The Cwarel Isaf Institute patronises and supports the distribution of Stafford Beers life's work. We congratulate URSS for the publishing of this felicitous edition.
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    St. Gallen, 2 October 2002:
  Heinz von Foerster is dead
    St. Gallen, 2 October 2002: Heinz von Foerster is dead
We have to announce the sad news that, on 2 October 2002, Professor Heinz von Foerster died in California in his 91st year after quite a long period of sickness and infirmity. Only a short time after Prof. Dr. Stafford Beer, we have lost another dear friend and magnificent teacher. >> More


    St. Gallen, 23. August 2002:
  We mourn for Stafford Beer
    Today, after a serious illness that began at Christmas 2001, the father of management cybernetics died in his 76th year in Toronto General Hospital in the presence of his closest relatives. We are greatly saddened by his death and in him we have lost an outstanding teacher, a very gifted thinker, an amazing researcher and above all a warm-hearted friend. >> More


  Stafford Beer in Vienna

Early in May 2001, the First World Congress on Systemic Management took place in Vienna. Stafford Beer spoke there on his "viable system model". In recounting the story of its origins, he mentioned in passing that the first congresses on the subject had taken place back in the fifties and sixties in the USA.

Stafford Beer und Chris Cullen Stafford Beer and Chris Cullen of Team Syntegrity International of Toronto at the First World Congress on Systemic Management in Vienna in May 2001.


  Stafford Beer at Management Zentrum St. Gallen

November 2000. The management consultants and trainers work with Stafford Beer at a multi-day workshop on the question of the significance of management cybernetics for the present and future.

Stafford Beer und Chris Cullen Workshop with Stafford Beer
at MZSG, St. Gallen 2001


  Honorary doctorate from the University of St. Gallen
for Stafford Beer

June 2000: By awarding him an honorary doctorate of economics, the University of St. Gallen is honoring Professor Stafford Beer for "his ground-breaking work in the field of management cybernetics, which has given impetuses of a variety of kinds to the theory of management and has left its mark on the St. Gallen system approach".


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