By Professor Stafford Beer

Cybernetics and management theory as developed by Stafford Beer hardly need description as they describe themselves. It is easy to summarize in a few sentences the subjects that Stafford Beer writes about. But in order to gain a proper understanding of his theories, you have to read his books. Every single word of them must be studied carefully, in order not to build up an incorrect picture.

All Stafford Beer's books have been reprinted several times. Many of them have been translated into several languages. The original versions in particular are a pleasurable literary experience, true-to-life, rich and colorful. Every one of Stafford Beer's books is an example of applied cybernetics. It isn't possible to summarize them more briefly than that. To say any more would be to risk misrepresenting his work.

Anyone who would first like to get to know Stafford Beer's work through brief overviews will gain the necessary information and inspiration from the links on this page. Under Bibliographies you will also find clear and well-structured lists, catalogs and descriptions of Stafford Beer's books, written by the man himself.

Cybernetics and Management

Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0340045949
John Wiley & Son Ltd, 2nd ed. edition, London/New York, 1970



Decision and control: The Meaning of Operational Research and Management
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-94838-1
Paper, 568 Pages,
John Wiley & Son Ltd; London/New York, 1995



Management Science: The Business Use of Operations Research
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0490001017
Hardcover and Paperback, 192 Pages
Aldous Books, UK/USA, 1968



Brain of the firm - 2nd Edition
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-94839-X
Paper, 432 Pages,
John Wiley & Sons, London/New York, 1981



Designing Freedom
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-95165-X
Paper, 108 Pages,
John Wiley and Sons Ltd,
London/New York, 1995



Platform for Change
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-94840-3
Paper, 468 Pages,
John Wiley & Sons, London/New York, 1995



The Heart of Enterprise
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-94837-3
Paper, 596 Pages,
John Wiley & Son Ltd, London/New York, 1995



Diagnosing the System for Organizations
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-95136-6
Paper, 178 Pages,
John Wiley and Sons Ltd, London/New York, 1995



Pebbles to Computers: The Thread
Hans Blohm
Stafford Beer
David Suzuki
ISBN: 0195405366
Hardcover, 112 Pages
Oxford University Press, 1986


Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity
Stafford Beer
ISBN: 0-471-94451-3
Cloth, 380 Pages,
John Wiley & Son Ltd, London/New York, 1994



How Many Grapes Went into the Wine: Stafford Beer on the Art and Science of Holistic Management
Roger Harnden (Editor)
Allenna Leonard (Editor)
ISBN: 0471942960
Hardcover, 416 Pages
John Wiley & Son Ltd, 2nd ed. edition, London/New York, 1994



The Falcondale Collection includes a large number of video recordings of Stafford Beer. From this link you can download a PDF file containing an overview of the recordings and an order form.

Tape 1: The History & Origins: Part 1
Tape 2: The History & Origins: Part 2
Tape 3: Complexity & the Measure of Variety
Tape 4: Homeostasis & Viability
Tape 5: The Elemental Organisational Unit
Tape 6: The Horizontal & Vertical Variety Balance
Tape 7: The Viable System Model: 'The Inside & Now'
Tape 8: The Viable System Model: 'The Outside & Then
Tape 9: Syntegration

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